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Can CBD Help Fibromyalgia?

June 11, 2018

The majority of common ailments stem from one of three primary causes, inflammation, pain and or stress, Fibromyalgia covers all three. Fibromyalgia has become a catch all for when modern medicine has ruled everything else out. Doctors normally arrive at this diagnosis after an exhaustive series of tests and examinations lead to inconclusive results and a frustrated patient. The course of treatment becomes less about fixing the condition and more about managing it. Unfortunately this means the tools available are pain killers, steroids or NSAID’s. They help manage the pain but none of them are long term solutions. We’re often asked about using CBD for Fibromyalgia, and while we can’t make any claims we can tell you how our customers are using CBD for this condition.

Researches are not completely certain what causes Fibromyalgia, however they believe it is related to how the brain interprets and processes pain. This “misfiring” of electrical signals creates an imbalance in your body leading to a loss of homeostasis and uncontrolled chronic pain and fatigue. The cascading effect of this pain is general fatigue, soreness, difficulty sleeping and mental fatigue. If you step back and think about these symptoms they are generally related. Chronic pain makes it more difficult to perform daily tasks leading to fatigue and sometimes difficulty sleeping. Lack of sleep can easily cause cognitive difficulties, headaches and general body aches, followed by the stress and anxiety of the entire situation. If all of those weren’t bad enough stress and continual anxiety can manifest into digestive problems. It’s a runaway train of compounding issues that shows no sign of stopping. Even if using CBD helps with only one symptom on the list; it’s a step in the right direction.

Our customers have reported that they have good days and bad days without any specific pattern. There are some common triggering events such as stress or unrelated illness, however for the most part symptoms seem to cluster together rapidly without much warning. As a proactive measure most customers ingest CBD as a daily supplement in the morning and evening as part of their daily routine and then add an additional serving during the day when they’re having a flare up. They see it as a way to slow the process before a flare up gets out of control. This also gives them an opportunity to reduce the daily use of other pain relievers that might have adverse impacts on their body long term.

Which form or dosage of CBD to use varies greatly for each person however edible forms seem the most popular with dosages between 10 - 25mg. Tinctures rank as the most used method, because it is an easy way to change dosage with a long lasting effect.

The most important aspect is setting the correct expectations. CBD is not a cure all and while studies have shown promise it’s important to be realistic. Expecting any treatment to work immediately and completely is setting you up for disappointment. A good goal is minimizing the number and severity of the bad days and working towards even better good days.

This article is the opinion of the author and does not represent medical or legal advice. 

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